I love pomegranates. And at this time of year, they are in full abundance. I love adding them to salads for that unexpected pop of sweetness but most of all I love eating those juicy gems all on their own.

I have fond memories of de-seeding poms with my mom when I was younger. She’d cut them in halves while I wriggled them out from their hiding places. My mom would always make me wear one of my dad’s old shirts and fully cover my working space to avoid a downright bloody mess. While this method proved fruitful (pun intended) it wasn’t exactly the cleanest and most efficient way.

I have witnessed people whack their pomegranates over a bowl with a rolling pin to remove the seeds but no matter how deep the bowl was, juice inevitably splashed.

The method I most prefer is doing it underwater. While, yes, I had suggested to my mom in my youth to just eat them in the bathtub, but that is not what I mean here.

Simply quarter your pomegranate and coerce those gems out inside a large and deep bowl of warm water. Since this is done underwater, any juice that squirts out with be contained in the water. The seeds will drop to the bottom and the pith will float to the top. All that’s left to do is skim the pith and drain the water and you will be left with ruby seeds without the mess!

I trust this method so much that I didn't even have to change out of my favorite white tee.

I trust this method so much that I didn’t even change out of my favorite white tee.