I took a break from writing on my blog mainly due to the passing of my mother in law in October. She fought a long and arduous battle with ALS for close to 5 years. When she was diagnosed I was just a newlywed, fresh from relocating from TX to NYC and had only lived with my husband for a few short months. We then decided it was best to live with her since she would become too weak to be on her own and at that moment, I ceased being her daughter in law and became her primary caregiver. Although we saw each other day in and day out, I never really felt I got to know her for her disease made it difficult to communicate. But I am reminded everyday of what an amazing woman she was because I see what an amazing son she raised. He is a true testament to all her hard work, love and devotion. She raised a gentleman with the biggest heart and now becoming a mother to a son of my own, I regret the missed opportunities I had to ask her for advice on a role she took on exceptionally well.