A month ago I purchased a beautiful bouquet of fresh lavender with the plan to dry and preserve it. Was hoping to leave it by my bedside so that the lingering lavender scent would lull me to sleep. My monkey, however, was not going to let this happen. He’d quietly climb onto my bed and one by one see to the demise of each sprig of lavender. To avoid a full on massacre, I took what was remaining of my dried bouquet and made a sachet using just the lavender buds.

The survivors

Gently removing buds from their stems and enjoying the aromatherapy in my kitchen. I had no use for the stems but if you have a fireplace, throw them in with your firewood, for they will release a sweet smell as they burn.

Can’t you just smell it?
Ideas raced through my mind – I could make lavender soap, sugar, candles….but the scent of it all relaxed me far too much to have any desire to work. 

It’s important to sift out tiny particles so all that remains are buds for your sachet.

I used a mesh bag some earrings came in.

Now I get my bedside aromatherapy without all the mess and destruction from my little one.