Growing up in Florida and Texas, all the Fall Festivals I attended always fell short of my expectations. Pumpkin patches, hay rides and most importantly the cool crisp air  were replaced by us Southerners trying to cool off in shorts with water guns. Don’t get me wrong; a great time was had by all but it just felt like another summer fair expect for the fact that we had school the next day!

Since summer has officially ended and the weather has cooled down considerably in NY,  what better way to kick off the season then to attend a fall festival and one that can provide my little monkey with autumn memories I had always longed for.

Not quite understanding sitting next to vs. on the pumpkin.

Not the expression I was hoping for with this beautiful photo op.

Little monkey concerned about the broken pumpkin stem.

There’s a smile!

So brave. He bypassed the babies and went straight to feed the one with the biggest horns.

Unforgettable moment!

Pumpkin Dark Chocolate bread! Don’t mind if I do!!