Last week I had to take a much needed time out from blog writing to deal with a serious case of the Terrible Twos. My little monkey is in the thick of it and we have started to implement time out. Not really convinced it will work but at this point, I am desperate to find something that he will take seriously.

First time out and will surely not be the last

Strict parenting and disciplining is what our household was all about last week but of course he’s still my baby and we decided to treat him to a visit to Sesame Place over Labor Day weekend. He was a bit too young to really enjoy most of the rides but had a blast splashing around in the shallow water and watching the parade at night.

On our way to PA and grateful for the peaceful drive.

Splash Castle was his favorite!

Everyone bracing themselves for the large bucket of water to turn over.

Fun but a bit intense for little ones.

Parade excitement!


Hey Elmo!!!!