After witnessing a wedding where both confetti and rice were thrown into the air, my little monkey has tried his best to recreate that moment wherever we are and with whatever he has. Snack time had me glued to my toddler for fear the carpet and sofa would be covered in food. I had to hold his plate/bowl while he munched and played. I tried every plastic snack trap on the market and he would still manage to make a mess when left to his own devices. Discovering the Munchie Mug changed snack time forever!

  • BPA, phthalate, PVC free and 100% made in America
  • Secure Screw-On Top with easy grip handle
  • Patented spandex opening feels soothing to little hands
  • All parts clean in the top rack of your dishwasher
  • Great for the car, on planes, at daycare and at home
  • Additional air-tight lid included for keeping snacks fresh when mug is not in use
  • Made from safe polypropylene #5 plastic and 100% recyclable food grade compliant materials .

What I love most is that no amount of shaking causes his snack to fall out (and lord knows he’s tried) and as clever as my little one is, he’s not able to pry the top open. Sure the design could be prettier but I’m not complaining; it allows my little monkey to become a little more independent and gives me a little more freedom.