I’ve been blessed with naturally thick wavy hair however during the hot and humid summer months, I sometimes view it as a curse. I’m tempted all the time to cut it short but my husband would be thoroughly disappointed. I go through dozens of hair ties and elastics to pull my hair up and out of my face.  Sometimes it stays; most of the time it doesn’t.

My usual unraveling bun, falling several inches from where it was formed.

Th only thing that I have found to keep my hair up for longer than 20 minutes have been thick scrunchies, and while I do sport them at home, it’s certainly not for the public. A recent visit to Amazon.com led me to ordering this Bun Maker and shortly after, I found a youtube video that shows how to make the perfect long lasting bun.

Bun Maker in size Large

Directions not in english but the illustrations help you to figure it out.

Start off with a ponytail as high as you like…

and Viola!!

Miraculously, this stays all day and is so comfortable that I once forgot I had it on and went to bed with it. No headaches and no hairpulling. This is one bun I’ll be making again and again.