You can always count on me having lots of fresh lemons at home.  I use them for everything.  I love squeezing it into beverages, like sparkling water and iced teas, and using it to brighten up a plethora of salads and pasta dishes. But I don’t just use lemons in the kitchen.  Occasionally I’ll sneak one into the bathroom and apply the fresh squeezed juice onto my skin.

Lemon juice has been known to diminish scars, heal acne and exfoliate the skin.  It can be very drying so I only do this a few times a week and only at night because you have to be careful with the sun when applying it. The juice does sting upon application so you can dilute it with water if your skin is super sensitive. I apply it by dipping a cotton ball into the juice and rubbing it over my entire face.  I don’t really have an issue with acne; I do this for an overall brightening effect. The stinging subsides after a few minutes. I leave it on overnight and then rinse my face in the morning.  If you find the stinging unbearable, leave it on for as long as you can tolerate it and then rinse off.