This Sunday was a hot one. And particularly bright and sunny too. Or maybe I just noticed it more because I left my sunglasses at home. I usually keep a cheap pair or two in each car but I must have removed them after our most recent roadtrip.  A fun afternoon in the city listening to live jazz over brunch and window shopping left me with a rather strong headache due to squinting.

Today, I am not a repeat offender.

Eye creams can only do so much.  Sunglasses help immensely with wrinkles.  Not only do they protect your eyes and eye area from the harmful rays of the sun, but they also reduce squinting, which besides causing headaches for me, also cause those pesky crows feet to form.

My newest sunnies are quite large but I believe the bigger the better protected I will be. It also helps on days when you don’t care to do your face.  Just these glasses and a swipe of tinted lipbalm and you’re good to go!