My little guy is obsessed with his stuffed monkey.  I mean obsessed!  It goes everywhere he goes.  And at the end of some rather busy days, you can practically see and smell where this monkey has traveled.  This is why I have 5 in my arsenal. I keep 2 tucked away, in case of a shortage, 1 stays in his crib at all times, 1 to play with at home, and 1 in the car for travel.  On laundry days, they all go in for a much needed hot wash except for the monkey in his crib. That one I like to pamper.

Hand washing gently used stuffed toys is a great idea to maintain its softness.  They definitely look a little worn out when they exit a washer and dryer.  I like to use a body wash that matches my fragrance because it helps to soothe my little guy when I’m away.  Using calming scents like lavender or chamomile also help when washing crib toys. During a cuddle, the smell will help to relax and lull your little one to sweet dreams. I haven’t had a problem with air drying but to expedite the process, a hair dryer is handy.