I’ve been called a ‘product whore’ by most of my close friends and family. I’m okay with that title however ‘product junkie’ seems a bit more ladylike to me and accurately defines my addiction.  I hardly finish a bottle/jar/compact before I’ve moved onto something else. It’s not that I find myself dissatisfied with every product I’ve used; it’s just that I’m so excited to try out the next big thing.  Well never say never; I am running on empty with my current skincare regimen.

glow by dr. brandt
ruby laser technology kit

Glow by dr. brandt ruby laser technology kit consists of a daytime retinol creme and an overnight resurfacing serum. According to Sephora’s website: A potent nighttime skin renewal treatment, glow by dr. brandt™ overnight resurfacing serum is formulated with a time-release retinol complex to promote radiance from within. It stimulates new cell turnover to improve skin texture and tone and softens the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. The second product, glow by dr. brandt™ ruby crystal retinol hydracréme, is formulated with skin illuminators, optical diffusers, and micronized ruby crystals. These ingredients transform light into energy, providing a smoother, more even look and a healthy glowing complexion.

Now, I will be succinct: It just makes me look good! During the day, I wear the retinol hydracreme under my Chantecaille compact powder foundation and my face looks flawless.  In fact, I have become slightly embarrassed about how nice my skin looks when running to the grocery store with just these two products on while wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. It looks as if I have really put in a lot of work to get that glowing complexion when I hardly did a thing.

The overnight serum is moisturizing enough for my dry skin that I don’t even need to apply a nighttime cream on top. In the morning, I wake up to skin that just looks happy and feels healthy.

If you have tried to achieve a natural yet flawless glow with moisturizer, primer, luminizer, foundation and powder, it’s worth it to save yourself the time and energy by testing this kit out.

Now I am faced with the dilemma to either repurchase this kit or buy individual full size bottles. Hmmm….