Birthday Cupcake

On my 30+ birthday, I have decided to start a journal.  Mind you, I’m not kidding myself, to start a blog and a personal diary seems like a daunting and self absorbed task but I think I have found an edited version of journaling that just might work.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is a small one sentence journal but with enough space to cover 5 years. I think it’s a fabulous concept because it’s usually a lot easier to write one sentence than a few paragraphs daily. However, I understand there are days when just too much has happened and it can also be quite challenging to summarize it all in one sentence.

Seeing how it is my birthday, I think I will take on a fresh perspective with this journal in that I will not write a line or two about my day but rather what I am grateful for at the end of each day.  Gratitude is very important and giving myself the responsibility to write what I am grateful for will become a powerful tool in gaining perspective on what’s really important in life.  I’ve also suckered my husband into doing this, telling him that it will be his birthday gift to me, but secretly, I think he’s excited to start this as well.